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Water Leak Detection and Repair Service


Timely water leak repair services from a trusted local plumbing team can save your home or business from significant property damage. As soon as you notice any sign of a leak, call Mighty Plumbing & Heating, located in Brighton, Colorado, immediately for repair services. We fix all types of leaks, including leaking pipes or water line damage beneath your foundation. Call us today or reach out to our team online. We provide water leak detection services and repairs for the entire Denver metro region. 

What are the common reasons for water leaks in homes and businesses?

Learning the most common causes of water leaks can help you prevent them from happening before they begin. And, if you catch leaks early, you can have them repaired before they cause significant damage.


The most common sources of water leaks include:


  • Damaged pipe joints

  • Corrosion or wear-and-tear 

  • Water line blockages that are putting excessive pressure on your pipes 

  • Broken or weakened seals at connection points 

  • Damage due to tree roots 

  • Frozen pipes 

  • Weak connections between the pipes 

  • Water pressure that is too strong 


While these are the most common causes of leaks, there are many more. If you notice anything out of the ordinary regarding your pipes, call our water leak detection company. We can usually get to your property as early as the next day. 

What are some signs of water leaks that I should watch for?


No matter the size of the leak, the resulting water can infiltrate your home or business and cause structural damage, mold, and even attract insects and rodents. Watch for these signs of leaking pipes:


  • Excessively high water bill

  • Drop in water pressure

  • Water marks on the walls or ceiling 

  • Peeling paint or damaged wallpaper 

  • Pooling water on your property

  • Wet carpets or warping floorboards

  • Warm spots on your floors

  • Musty odor or signs of mold or mildew 


If you notice moisture in any place where it shouldn’t be, call Mighty Plumbing & Heating immediately for local water leak repair. Leaks won’t resolve on their own, and waiting will only make the problem worse. 

How do you repair water leaks?


Once our leak detection company discovers the source of the leak, we can determine the best way to repair the issue. Our Brighton, CO, local leak repair company technicians can fix any issue, even leaks under concrete slabs or your foundation. 


Depending on the leak, our services could involve:


  • Spot repair

  • Repiping

  • Pipe lining

  • Pipe rerouting


No matter your situation, our team takes the greatest care of your property and offers honest estimates before we begin. Communication and exceptional customer service are two of our core values.

Can I prevent water leaks?


Regular maintenance with our drain cleaning and sewer pipe lining services can limit your risk for water leaks. If you’ve already experienced a leak, our leak detection and repair company can recommend steps to take to prevent future mishaps. 

Why choose Mighty Plumbing & Heating as your local water leak detection company


When it comes to leak repair, DIY solutions aren't suggested. You can easily damage your pipes, and if that happens, you will need to pay for expensive repairs. Instead, turn to the leak detection and repair pros at Mighty Plumbing & Heating. We are local technicians serving the Brighton, Colorado, area and are equipped to handle even the most extensive leak issues as well as any plumbing problem. We have served thousands of area homes and businesses and are ready to help you with your leak issue today!

Call us today for prompt water leak detection services and repairs


If you suspect a water leak in your home or business, don’t wait to call Mighty Plumbing and Heating. We can have our expert team to your property quickly, and you can trust that we will fix the issue. We hire highly-trained and courteous local technicians from the Brighton, CO, area and can fix any type of leak. Reach out to our leak repair company today to schedule your appointment.






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