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Slab Leak Repair In Greater Denver, Brighton, and Surrounding areas.


It’s easy to forget about the concrete slab your home or business is built upon, but it is an essential part of your property. Along with supporting the foundation, the slab protects essential pipes and plumbing. Unfortunately, the pipes beneath the slab can leak, break, or crack. 


At the first sign of a slab leak, call the professionals at Mighty Plumbing & Heating in Brighton, Colorado. Our local technicians serve the entire Denver area and can arrive at your property quickly when emergencies strike. To learn more or to schedule a service call our slab leak repair company call our office today. You can also reach out to our team using this website. 

What is a slab leak?


A slab leak includes any type of leak beneath a concrete floor slab. Most homes and businesses in the Denver, CO, area are built on concrete slabs. Pipes run beneath and through the slab, so any leak in this region is called a slab leak. 

What are some common causes of slab leaks?


Over the years, metal pipes can slowly degrade and corrode, causing tiny leaks that gradually get bigger. Furthermore, settling foundations and natural disasters, such as earthquakes, mudslides, soil shifts, and erosion, can shift the slab and damage the pipes. Sewer line problems often lead to slab leaks, and they are most common in homes or businesses built more than 25 years ago. 


If you experience a slab leak before 25 years, it could be due to poor installation during the construction of your home or business. If pipes are nicked or dented during installation, corrosion and breaks are more likely. 


Finally, hard water sometimes causes leaks in the slab. Mineral deposits build up within the pipes, causing an increase in water pressure. The increased pressure can crack or break the pipes in the slab. 


What are the signs of slab leaks?


Slab leaks can be difficult to detect. That is because the leak is covered by several inches or more of concrete. Here are some subtle signs to watch for:

Warm spots


If a hot water pipe is leaking beneath your slab, you might notice a warm section on that portion of the floor. 

Low water pressure


Significant drops in water pressure can indicate a severe leak under a slab. 

Hissing or sounds of running water


These sounds are a sure sign of a leak. If you hear them, call Mighty Plumbing & Heating immediately. 



Any dampness, no matter how subtle, should never be ignored. That is especially true if there is no clear reason for it.



Patches of mold or mildew anywhere near a concrete slab are a sure sign of a slab leak. 

Rising water bills


If your water bills keep rising, it is a sign of a leak. If you can’t find any obvious signs of leaking in your home or business, it might be beneath the slab.


If you spot any of these signs, call our slab leak repair company in Brighton, Colorado, immediately. Address slab leaks as soon as possible. Waiting can cause irreparable damage to your foundation. 

Why you should never ignore a slab leak


First, a slab leak wastes water. It can destroy your carpet, warp floors, and cause extensive water damage throughout your property. If you ignore a slab leak long enough, it can erode your foundation, putting your entire home or business at extensive risk. 

Will insurance cover slab leak damages?


Insurance is always complicated, and much of the coverage depends on your insurance provider and agreement. Generally, most insurance policies cover the damage caused by the slab leak but not the repair costs. 


How are slab leaks repaired?


First, our local technicians find the source of the leak. To do that, we often turn to thermal imaging. This type of imaging is especially helpful if the leak is coming from a hot water pipe. It is essential that our team finds the exact location of the slab leak. 


Once our slab leak company finds the source, there are several repair options depending on the severity and location of the leak. Here are some of the most common ways we repair slab leaks:

Spot repair


If it is a small leak and our technicians have relatively easy access, we often suggest a spot repair. That means repairing or replacing a small portion of the pipe. This type of repair requires little or no demolition. 



Repiping is one of the most common solutions for slab leaks. During the process, we leave the original piping and reroute new pipes through the slab and around the old ones. This slab leak repair option doesn’t involve tearing up the entire slab, so many home and business owners prefer it. 

Pipe lining 


Many times we can simply line the inside of your damaged pipes with an epoxy resin. This type of slab leak repair is inexpensive, but it is only suitable for minor leaks or damage. 

Replace the slab


This is the most extensive repair option and requires the demolition of the slab with jackhammers. For significant pipe damage, this is sometimes the only option. Once our technicians reach the damaged pipes, we remove them. Finally, we replace the pipes and the slab. 


Call Mighty Plumbing & Heating Today


Don’t wait to take action if you spot signs of a slab leak. Leaks worsen over time and put your foundation at risk. Fortunately, our expert slab leak repair technicians at Mighty Plumbing & Heating in Brighton, CO, are the region’s expert plumbers. Call our office to speak with our skilled team today, or schedule your slab leak repair appointment online today.






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