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Sewer Repair In Greater Denver, Brighton, and Surrounding areas.


A sewer backup is a serious issue. Not only is the smell unpleasant, but your property is also at risk of water damage or worse. Furthermore, sewer line backups also pose a health hazard when the bacteria in the line infiltrates your home or business. 


Sewer line repair is not something you should try on your own. Instead, contact the team of experienced technicians at Mighty Plumbing & Heating. Our sewer repair company serves Brighton, Colorado, and the entire Denver metro area. For emergency sewer repair services or to schedule a sewer line inspection, call our office today or reach out to our team online. 


What are some common causes of sewer line damage?

Sewer line damage can be due to many reasons, but some of the most common include:


Tree roots extend well beyond the trunk. And as trees grow, their roots spread out as well. Furthermore, because sewer lines carry away spent water, the roots are attracted to the moisture and grow in the direction of the lines.  


Once the tree or shrub roots contact the sewer pipes, they can wrap around, strangle, or break the line. That leads to clogs, leaks, and even burst sewer pipes. 


Newer sewer pipes are designed to resist corrosion, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. While older sewer lines are at the greatest risk for corrosion damage, modern pipes aren’t immune. If corrosion isn’t immediately repaired, it will spread and weaken the sewer line, putting it at risk for leaks and cracks.  


At Mighty Plumbing & Heating, one of our most common service calls is for clogged sewer pipes. To avoid sewer line repairs, don’t flush anything down the toilet except for toilet paper. Also, if you don’t have a garbage disposal, avoid allowing food debris to flow down the drain. And never pour grease down your sink. 

Freezing temperatures

When water freezes, it expands. Therefore, during the winter cold so common in the Denver, CO, region, be mindful of your sewer pipes. Basements are notoriously drafty, so make sure to plug any drafts before the winter begins. Frozen sewer pipes will crack or burst. 


What are some signs that your sewer line is damaged?

Sewer line issues are best treated when the situation is caught early. That’s why you should know what to be aware of regarding possible problems. Here are some of the most common signs that your sewer pipes are damaged. 

Standing water in your yard

A flooded yard is often a sign of a broken or leaking sewer pipe. If you notice standing water in your yard with seemingly no cause, such as recent heavy rain, call Mighty Plumbing & Heating for a sewer line inspection and sewer repair service. 

Foul smell

Noticing foul smells like rotten eggs or garbage? It could be a sign of a sewer line leak. Sewer gasses can make you sick, so if you notice a foul smell, contact Mighty Plumbing & Heating for sewer repair immediately.


Slow draining

If multiple drains in your home or business are always backing up, it could be a sign of a sewer line issue. Toilet blockages are a particularly troublesome sign that there could be a problem in your sewer pipes.  

Leaks and water damage

If your sewer line is leaking, you’ll begin to notice evidence of water damage. Look for mold forming along the walls or spreading across the floors. You might also notice paint peeling or drywall warping. 


What options do you have for sewer line repair?

Depending on the severity of the damage to your sewer line, a repair can either be performed by digging a trench or, in some cases, trenchless.  


The sewer pipe repair process always begins with a visual inspection. We also use a camera to view the interior of the pipe.


If the damage to your sewer line is minor, our team can perform a pipe lining. During this service, we insert an inflatable tube to apply epoxy to your sewer pipe in the damaged area. The epoxy hardens and seals the leak, and the inflatable tube is removed. 


If your sewer pipes are significantly damaged but not beyond repair, our technicians can perform trenchless sewer line repair. Our team uses special equipment to remove the damaged portion of the pipe while simultaneously installing a new one. A benefit of this type of repair is that we don’t need to dig up your yard.

Traditional Sewer Pipe Repair or Sewer Pipe Replacement

For extremely damaged sewer pipes or if the entire line needs to be replaced, traditional sewer line replacement is your best bet. In this case, we will have to dig a trench in your yard to access and replace the pipes. 

How many years will a sewer line last?

It depends on the pipe material and construction. Here are some examples of common sewer pipe materials and their average longevity:


  • Cast Iron: 75 years

  • Clay: 100 years

  • Cement: 100 years

  • Orangeburg: 50 years

  • PVC: Over 100 years


Each type of sewer pipe has its pros and cons. Ask our team which one is best for your property. 


Call Mighty Plumbing & Heating Today


Are you experiencing clogs, leaks, or worse with your sewer line? It’s time to take immediate action. Call Mighty Plumbing & Heating for sewer line repair or replacement today. Because we use a variety of sewer pipe repair options, we might be able to fix the issue with no digging! Reach out to our sewer repair company in Brighton, CO, now. 






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