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Best Heating & Furnace Maintenance Services In Brighton & Denver, CO

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Mighty FINE Furnace Maintenance Services In Greater Denver

The key to keeping your heating system working efficiently is to schedule regular furnace tune-ups. But if you ignore regular furnace inspections, you risk costly breakdowns and repairs. Don’t wait until your heating system breaks down. Instead, call Mighty Plumbing & Heating and schedule an HVAC maintenance and furnace service to make sure your system is performing optimally.


Mighty Plumbing & Heating is the leading heating maintenance company in Brighton, Colorado. Our furnace service experts provide heater tune-ups for the entire Denver, CO, region. Call our office today or reach out to us online to schedule. 

How often should I have my furnace serviced?


We recommend a yearly furnace tune-up to make sure the system is functioning optimally and that your system is safe for your family. If our service technicians find anything of concern they discuss the issues with you and create a repair plan.


Don’t wait until the chilly temperatures arrive in the fall to schedule your heating maintenance. Once the temperatures dip, we get hundreds of calls and service requests for furnace replacement and much more. If you schedule your heating tune-up now, we can arrive and make sure your HVAC system is in perfect working order before you need to use it to heat your home for business. 

What are the benefits of heater maintenance?


Regular furnace maintenance ensures that your HVAC heating system is performing well. Benefits include:


  • Optimal airflow

  • Better energy efficiency

  • Limits risks of carbon monoxide leaks 

  • Preemptive repairs

  • Fewer parts failures and need for costly repairs


Furthermore, regular furnace service saves you money. Furnace inspections catch issues early and correct them before you experience a total HVAC system malfunction. Heating maintenance also increases your system’s efficiency, drastically cutting your utility bills. 


What happens during a furnace tune-up?


One of the best preventive maintenance steps for a furnace is to regularly change the filters. Some people do this step on their own, but we don’t recommend it. 


Here’s why: filters come in all sizes, and it isn’t always easy to know which filter goes in which heating system. 


That is why changing the filters is best left to the professionals. At Mighty Plumbing & Heating, our furnace inspection experts make sure to use the filters designed specifically for your heating system. 


Our team will also clean all the coils and fans and make sure the airflow is optimal. 


Here are some other steps our team takes during heating maintenance:

Inspect the ignitor


Faulty ignitors are common reasons why a furnace breaks down. Our technicians inspect your ignitor, looking for any signs of wear and tear.

Examine the burners


Dust, dirt, and debris can obstruct gas flow in the burners. Our HVAC maintenance experts use a wire brush to remove rust and air pressure to clear debris from the burners. 

Combustion analysis


This is one of the most important aspects of your furnace maintenance because it makes sure your HVAC system is safe. We look for cracks that can leak carbon monoxide into your home. If we notice any issues with carbon monoxide, we immediately fix the issue. 

Heat exchanger inspection


This inspection checks the entire HVAC system for cracks. Cracks reduce airflow, lower efficiency, and can even be a safety issue due to carbon monoxide buildup. 

Examine the flame sensor


This sensor activates the heating cycle. If its readings aren’t calibrated correctly, our heating maintenance experts will replace it. 

Check the gas pressure


The correct gas pressure is essential in making your heating system efficient. Our furnace inspection experts check the pressure and make adjustments as necessary. 


Search for gas leaks


We check for leaks in the main HVAC system, along with looking for any leaks in the ductwork. If we find any evidence of gas leaks, we patch the area immediately. 

Is HVAC maintenance expensive?


Our furnace inspections are affordable and designed to save you money. Furnace tune-ups are preventive, meaning our technicians look for minor issues before they become major disruptions. 


By catching these issues with your furnace early on, we can make easy repairs when they are most affordable. Therefore, by spending a little money know on your heating maintenance, you’ll save money in the long run. 

What happens if you don’t participate in regular heating maintenance?


Without regular HVAC maintenance, your system is at risk of complete failure. In fact, the buildup of dust and dirt is one of the leading causes of furnace breakdowns. Fortunately, during routine heater service, our technicians clean all of the dust and debris from your furnace and perform a multi-point inspection. 

Why choose Mighty Heating & Plumbing for your furnace maintenance?


All of our technicians are highly certified and have years of experience installing, replacing, and servicing HVAC heating systems. When we arrive at your home or business, we perform a multi-point furnace inspection and complete a heating tune-up. With Mighty Plumbing & Heating, you know that our team will do it right the first time. 


To schedule your furnace tune-up today, call our office or reach out to our team of technicians online. 






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