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Mighty FINE Furnace Repair SERVICEs In Greater Denver

In the Brighton, Colorado area, a broken heater can be more than an inconvenience; it can also be a hazard to your health. The Denver, CO, region is known for its brutal winters, and a malfunctioning furnace, even for a short time, can plunge your home or business into sub-freezing temperatures. 


If you’re searching for a company that provides quick and efficient heating repairs, look no further than Mighty Plumbing & Heating. The leading technicians are Brighton’s most trusted furnace repair team. Call the office today or reach out online for more information. 

Do you offer same-day heating repair services?


Our team knows that your heating system is essential, and we don’t want to leave you out in the cold. That is why our team at Mighty Plumbing & Heating offers same-day heating repairs. Our expert technicians will do everything they can to fix your furnace the same day you call. 

When should I contact a professional for furnace repairs?


Knowing the signs that your furnace could be experiencing problems can save you from costly breakdowns. Here are some signs that your heating system might need repairs:


  • Unusual noises such as bangs or scraping sounds

  • Weak airflow

  • Increased heating bills

  • Malfunctioning thermostat

  • Aging furnace

  • Water coming from your pooling near your heating system

  • Smelling natural gas or chemical-like odors

  • Furnace turns on and off for no reason


These are just some of the most common signs of furnace problems. If you expect anything wrong with your heating system, reach out to our heating repair company at Mighty Plumbing & Heating immediately. 


Even if your furnace seems to be working fine, consider scheduling a yearly tune-up. The Mighty Plumbing & Heating team can inspect your heating system and lubricate and test the parts to make sure it is functioning optimally. 

What types of heating systems does Mighty Plumbing & Heating repair?


Our team repairs almost every type of heating and HVAC system, including:


  • Forced central warm air

  • Electric units

  • Boilers

  • Natural gas

  • Oil furnaces


Our team services all types of furnaces. Just call the office today to learn more. 

What are some common furnace problems?


There are all types of heating system problems, but there are a few that our team at Mighty Plumbing and Heating sees most often. These include:

Ignitor failure


If you notice a consistent clicking sound, it might be a problem with the ignitor. The clicking could indicate that the ignitor is failing to light the burner. 


Worn motor bearings


Hearing the sounds of grinding metal? It could be the motor bearings in your heating system. Motor bearings help the rotor function, so if these parts become worn, the motor will quickly fail. 

Fan issues 


The fan is one of the most essential parts of your heating system because it removes fumes and smoke from the furnace. If it isn’t working correctly, you can quickly have a smelly and dangerous problem on your hands. If you suspect an issue with your HVAC system’s fan, call Mighty Plumbing & Heating immediately for furnace repairs. 

Gas valve problems


The gas valve lets gas into the furnace. If you are experiencing an issue with the gas valve, gas can’t enter the system and can even leak harmful fumes. Often, problems with the gas valve call for emergency services from the Mighty Plumbing & Heating team. 

Malfunctioning pilot light 


Does the pilot light in your heating system keep going out? That is often the sign of a malfunctioning pilot light. Fortunately, it is a relatively easy fix for our team of talented heating repair technicians. 

Blowing cold air


If your furnace is blowing cold air, clearly there is a problem. Several factors or multiple issues could be at play, so the quicker a furnace repair professional comes to diagnose the problem the better. 

Broken thermostat 


The thermostat is what sets the temperature in your home or business. If it is broken or not calibrated correctly, your heating system will malfunction. A malfunctioning thermostat can’t tell the furnace when to begin or shut off the heating process. 

Dirty air filters


Furnaces need clear airflow to perform at their peak. Dirty filters clog that air movement. Filters full of debris also negatively impact the air quality in your home or business. 



A leaking furnace can point to a variety of problems. A water leak could mean a line break, a problem with the humidifier, or an issue with the condensation tubing. 

Draft hood problems


If the fan in the draft hood malfunctions, exhaust can’t be removed from your home — a dangerous situation. If you notice a problem with your furnace’s draft hood, call Mighty Plumbing & Heating for emergency furnace repair services. 

Burner issues


The burners provide heat for your furnace. If they aren’t working, the air in your heating system won’t be warm. 

Blocked heat exchange


The series of tubes in the heat exchange helps the heating system’s burner light. If there is a blockage in the heat exchange system, the burners won’t work, and the furnace won’t heat. 

Contact heating repair professionals today


Is your HVAC system malfunctioning? Now is the time to repair it. For the most experienced heating repair company, call our team at Mighty Plumbing & Heating today. Call the office and speak with a friendly staff member or reach out to our team online. 






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