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Denver Furnace Replacement 101: Everything You Need to Know

From Mighty Plumbing &Amp; Heating

Furnaces and HVAC heating systems can be confusing. And when one breaks down, it can be difficult to know if you should have the system repaired, or if you should replace the entire furnace.

In this article, our expert team at Mighty Plumbing & Heating explores everything you need to know about furnace replacement.

If you have questions about your furnace, don’t hesitate to call our office, or reach out to our team of heating technicians online.

When should I consider replacing my furnace?

Living in the Denver area, you understand cold winters. That is why it is so essential to have a quality working furnace. The last thing you want is for it to break down in the heart of the winter.

Therefore, it is essential to know at what point you should consider replacing your furnace. Generally, a furnace should last for one or two decades. But the longevity of your heating system depends on how well you take care of it. We recommend scheduling yearly furnace maintenance sessions to keep it running optimally and to catch issues before they become expensive problems.

Also, the type of furnace matters. Generally, electric furnaces boast greater longevity than gas furnaces. But the key takeaway is that the better you take care of your furnace with regular maintenance, the longer it will last.

I have an older-style furnace. Can it be replaced or will I need to install a modern HVAC system?

It depends on your needs, budget, and the construction of your home or business. Sometimes we can simply replace your finance with a similar model, and other times, we may suggest that you get an entirely different type of HVAC heating system. But no matter the situation, we always recommend what is best for your needs.

We can replace any of these types of furnaces:

  • Natural gas
  • Oil
  • Electric
  • Propane

Natural gas is the most common type of furnace in Brighton, Colorado, but even if you don’t have a furnace listed here, call our team anyway. We have technicians skilled in replacing all types of furnaces.

What are the signs that I should replace my furnace?

We won’t know for sure that your furnace will need to be replaced until we open it and look inside, but here are some signs that there could be a significant problem.

  • Your furnace needs frequent repairs
  • Strange noises are coming from your furnace
  • You’re noticing dust, debris, or soot coming from your vents
  • The furnace is turning on and off inexplicably
  • Unexpected rises in your heating bills
  • Rust, cracks, or damage on your furnace unit
  • Unexplained temperature fluctuations

If you notice any of these warning signs, call our expert heating team right away.

I’m worried that replacing my furnace will be too expensive, can’t you just keep repairing it?

This is a question we get all of the time. And we understand; Brighton and Denver, Colorado, residents want to make sure they aren’t throwing away money when they don’t need to.

When our technicians arrive, we closely examine your furnace and run diagnostics. After our tests, if we believe that repairing the furnace will solve your problems, we go that route. However, if we think that if we make a repair only to have to return a month later to make another, we might suggest replacing the entire system.

This might make you anxious because replacing an entire furnace is expensive. But keep in mind, replacing your furnace can actually save you money in the long run.

That is because the costs of continually repairing your furnace can really add up. Furthermore, newer furnace models are more energy-efficient and will save you money on your heating bills.

Here’s a good rule of thumb: if the cost of repairing your furnace is more than half the cost of replacing the entire system, it’s probably best to replace your furnace. If we suggest replacing your furnace, our technicians can inspect your home and let you know if switching to an entirely new type of system would be more efficient for your property.

Not replacing a damaged furnace is a risk to your family’s health

We’re not trying to scare you, but running a damaged or broken furnace is a danger to your home and family. Damaged furnaces are at risk of leaking carbon monoxide and pose significant fire risks.

Therefore, if you notice anything wrong with your furnace, call our team at Mighty Plumbing & Heating right away. We’ll send our technicians for an emergency visit, and we can let you know if repairs or replacement is the best option to keep your home and family safe.

Contact the Denver, Colorado, area furnace replacement pros today

Have you recently been noticing issues with your furnace? Is it making strange sounds or not heating your home as well as it once did? If so, it might be time for a furnace replacement. The only way to know for sure is to contact our expert team at Mighty Plumbing & Heating. Call the office today or reach out to our staff online.

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