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Best Air Conditioning Repair Services In Brighton & Denver, CO

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Mighty Fine AC Repair Company In Greater Denver

The Denver, Colorado, area is known for its sweltering summers. That’s why you shouldn’t wait to have your air conditioning system repaired before the scorching temperatures arrive. 


Mighty Plumbing & Heating, located in Brighton, CO, knows how essential AC units are to Denver area residents. And when AC units break down, the team is available for quick and convenient air conditioning repair service calls. 


Is your home air conditioning system not performing like it once did? Now is the time to have it repaired. Don’t wait until you are sweating in a sweltering house. Call Mighty Plumbing & Heating today to schedule your AC unit repair. 


Signs That an Air Conditioner Needs Repairs


Mighty Plumbing & Heating offers all kinds of cooling services, including regular AC maintenance. Before temperatures start to ramp up, we'll come to your property and inspect your unit.

During the inspection, our technicians will:


We'll make sure your system is running smoothly to give you peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule AC repair services or maintenance in the Brighton, CO, or Denver metro area.

Is your AC unit not performing like it did when it was first installed? Does something about the way it is running seem “off,” but you are unsure if something is actually wrong? Here are some signs that your air conditioner needs to be repaired.

Blowing Room Temperature Air 


Clearly, an air conditioning unit should be blowing cool air. If the air coming from the unit is room temperature or warm, you have a problem. 

Thermostat Temperature Settings Seem Incorrect


It’s common for thermostats in AC units to become uncalibrated. Therefore, the temperature you have set on the unit might not be the actual temperature of the room. 


Sometimes, thermostat malfunctions can cause the air conditioner to not turn on at all or run for a few seconds then turn off.


Not Blowing Air


Weak air flow doesn’t allow cool air to flow from the unit. Often, this is due to a failing compressor or clogged ducts. 

Because this problem can be caused by several issues, it’s best to have a professional like those at Mighty Plumbing & Heating inspect your AC unit.


Noises Within the Air Conditioning Unit


If you hear grinding or other metallic sounds coming from your unit, turn it off immediately. Abnormal sounds from your AC unit are a clear sign that something isn’t right. 


Many times a grinding sound means that there is something wrong with a belt. In this case, a cooling professional, like those at Mighty Plumbing & Heating, is needed to replace it. 

Musty Odors


Air coming from the air conditioner should not smell. If it does, the type of odor can be a clue to diagnosing the problem. A burning smell could signal an electrical problem, while musty odors could point to issues with mold and mildew. 

Humid Air

Everyone knows that air conditioners cool the room, but did you know that they also reduce humidity? If the air in your room is feeling heavy and sticky, even after running your AC unit, there is most likely a problem. 

Continued Breakdowns


Are issues with your air conditioning unit occurring more frequently? If so, it might be time to replace your AC unit. The team at Mighty Plumbing & Heating can help you choose the perfect residential air conditioner for your home.



Leaks could be a sign of several issues. They often point to leaking water or freon. Because freon is a toxic chemical, don’t try to fix leaks on your own. Contact the team at Mighty Plumbing & Heating immediately for professional help.

Increasing Electric Bill


Are you running your AC unit the same amount as usual, but your electric bill keeps going up?  Many issues can cause the air conditioner to run harder than it should, spiking your electric bill.

Are Air Conditioning Repairs Expensive?


There is no easy answer to this question because repair costs correlate with the severity of the problem. But one thing is certain, keeping up on repairs is less expensive than replacing an entire AC unit. Therefore, don’t ignore problems with your air conditioner because you are afraid the repair costs will be too expensive. 


Other factors impacting the cost of repairs include the type of air conditioner. Repairs for window units are often less than for central cooling systems. But every situation is different. That is why Mighty Plumbing & Heating offers free consultations regarding AC unit repairs. 


Sometimes it makes more sense to purchase a new unit, especially if your air conditioner is old or has experienced several issues in the past. The Mighty Plumbing & Heating team can help you make the most economical decision. 

What Are Some Common AC Unit Repairs?


The cooling experts at Mighty Plumbing & Heating are experienced in all types of AC unit repairs, including:


  • Belt repair and replacement

  • Clogged drains

  • Refrigerant leaks

  • Thermostat replacement

  • System reboots

  • Drain Cleaning

  • Coolant checks

  • Blocked air filters

  • Issues with AC coils

  • Blower repair and replacement

  • Faulty circuit boards

  • Issues with the expansion valve

  • Damaged capacitor

  • Broken condenser

  • Fan motor repair

  • Compressor issues


When it comes to making repairs to cooling systems, Mighty Plumbing & Heating services the entire Denver, CO, metro area. 

What Types of Air Conditioners Do You Repair?


Mighty Plumbing & Heating serves Brighton and Greater Denver, repairing all types of cooling systems, including:

  • Window AC units

  • Portable air conditioners

  • Central AC 

  • Residential air conditioners and HVAC

  • Swamp coolers

  • Geothermal

  • Ductless AC units


Before beginning repairs, the team offers free estimates so you will never be surprised by unexpected costs. 

Limit the Need for AC Unit Repairs With Regular Maintenance


The best way to limit expensive air conditioner repairs is to prevent them from happening with regular maintenance. The team at Mighty Plumbing & Heating offers AC unit maintenance and tune-ups to keep your cooling system in optimal condition.


During the hot summer months in Brighton, CO, a working air conditioner is essential. Schedule a preventive maintenance tune-up, or if your AC unit is already broken, schedule a repair with the cooking experts at Mighty Plumbing & Heating today. Consultations are free. 






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