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Mighty Plumbing & Heating -- AC Maintenance


In the Denver, Colorado, area, the summers are brutally hot. The last thing you want is your air conditioner unit breaking down, leaving your home or business without cooling relief. Fortunately, Mighty Plumbing & Heating offers AC maintenance — a service that makes sure your air conditioner remains in optimal condition. 


AC units need continual maintenance to avoid costly repairs and to keep them performing at their peak. Call Mighty Plumbing & Heating in Brighton, Colorado, today or reach out to our team online. 

Is AC maintenance really that important?


You wouldn’t keep running your car year after year without preventive maintenance, right? The same goes for your cooling HVAC system. In short, preventive HVAC maintenance limits the risks of costly repairs in the future. Here is why you should invest in air conditioning maintenance with Mighty Plumbing & Heating:

Limit Costly Repairs


As we briefly mentioned above, investing in AC maintenance can save you from costly repairs or system replacements in the future. 

Spend Less on Utility Bills


Regular AC tune-ups keep your AC unit functioning optimally. And when everything is running correctly, the HVAC system uses less energy. That means more money in your pocket.

Extend the AC Unit’s Life


Regular HVAC tune-ups keep your cooling system running longer and lessens your risk of total breakdowns. Regular AC maintenance catches minor problems before they become major issues.

Improves Safety


Well-maintained air conditioning equipment is safer. It limits the risks of hazards for your family or customers. At every AC inspection appointment, our cooling repair team checks every aspect of your unit for issues that could make it unsafe. 


What types of AC maintenance does Mighty Plumbing & Heating offer?


Maintaining an AC unit can be difficult on your own, especially if you have no experience with HVAC systems. That is why our team at Mighty Plumbing & Heating offers AC tune-ups, specializing in your specific HVAC system. We service both residential and commercial AC units. 

Cleaning and Changing Air Filters


Clean filters improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. Our AC maintenance team can procure the filter that fits your unit and schedule a consistent replacement plan. 


Every air conditioner requires a different filter maintenance plan. It depends on how often you use it, the air quality inside your home or business, and whether pets reside in your home. 


When you speak with our team of expert cooling technicians, let them know the approximate average runtime of your HVAC cooling system. That helps us create a maintenance schedule for your system’s air filters. 

Cleaning the Coils


The AC evaporator and condenser are essential to its cooling function. If the coils are filled with debris, the unit can’t effectively absorb heat. Have our Mighty Plumbing & Heating team clean your AC unit coils at least once a year. 

Remove Dirt and Debris


You’d be surprised by the type of dirt and debris that can find its way inside your AC unit. If your air conditioner is exposed to the outside, it's not uncommon to find sticks, leaves, and grass cuttings within the internal components. 

Realign Coil Fins


When coil fins bend, it blocks airflow into the air conditioning unit. Our Mighty Plumbing & Heating team straightens them at every HVAC tune-up visit. 

Test the Electrical System


During every AC inspection, our team checks for electrical faults along with anything else that might impact the unit’s electrical system. 

Monitor Refrigerant Levels


At every AC tune-up appointment, our team of cooling technicians checks your AC unit’s refrigerant levels and replaces the fluid when necessary. We will also inspect the pressure levels.

Lubricate Parts


Many parts in your AC unit are susceptible to wear and tear, especially if they aren’t regularly lubricated. During HVAC maintenance visits, our team will lubricate the bearings, blower motor, fan blades, compressor, and blower belt pulleys. 

Make Calibrations


Your HVAC cooling system is full of sensitive and digital parts. Over time, these components can become uncalibrated. Our Mighty Plumbing & Heating team has the diagnostic tools needed to adjust the settings and calibrate your system. 


The thermometer often becomes uncalibrated. When that happens, your system could run too much or too little. If your AC unit’s thermometer becomes uncalibrated often, replacing it is often the most prudent choice. 

Multipoint Inspection


During routine maintenance, our dedicated technicians perform a multipoint AC inspection of the entire cooling system. That includes examining the coils, safety devices, electrical boxes, capacitors, fan blades, service valves, ductwork, fittings, suction line, and much more.

Can’t I perform AC maintenance myself?


As technology has advanced, so have the components in HVAC cooling systems. While those advances have increased efficiency, it has made it difficult for home and business owners to perform AC maintenance on their own. 


Many of the digital parts inside modern cooling systems need regular calibration. Our licensed experts have the tools and experience needed to correctly fix and maintain these sensitive parts.

Schedule Your AC Maintenance Service Today 


Scheduling regular air conditioner maintenance ensures that your unit remains efficient and prevents costly repairs in the future. These services are quick, easy, and affordable. If your HVAC cooling system hasn’t been maintained recently, schedule an appointment with the Mighty Plumbing & Heating team today. 


Don’t wait for costly breakdowns or system failures; call our office or reach out to our talented team of technicians online. 






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